Printing Transformations

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I’ve been printing to complete my series of Transformations, which I’ve been doing in part to advance my Photoshop skills and in part as fulfillment of the independent study course I’m taking at NOVA.

Until recently, I’d been thinking solely of my work as digital, which is how I conceive of it, produce it, and display it.  But among the other photographers, many of whom are quite advanced, and some of whom are experimenting in the range of photographic techniques that predate modern film, there’s definitely an attitude that it’s not done until it’s printed.

Though I’ve printed some before, this has definitely been an eye-opener for me.  The process of selecting an appropriate paper (I went with a matte Hahne-Muhle paper that accentuates the painterly qualities of this series), adjusting the printing process to the paper, and then getting a good print has been quite interesting.  I’m unlikely to take up cyanotype as a new medium, but thing about the final image as an actual thing existing in the real world is invigorating.

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